Mother: Miracles and Promises

The Cyclades, the famous Greek Islands, receive thousands of visitors every year, arriving in search of some fun and relaxation in the green-blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

However, Tinos attracts a different kind of visitor. Believers from Greece and all around the world come to worship the Holy Icon of the Virgin Mary.

The Icon of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, found in 1823 after a vision of nun Sister Pelagia, is considered by believers to be miraculous. Pilgrimage to this icon is the most important orthodox peregrination in Greece.

Crowds of people visit the island throughout the whole year to pray before the Holy Icon, bearing offerings and requests, or thanking Her for Her holy intervention. The pilgrims ascend on their knees from the harbor to the Icon. The testimonies of believers express human pain and agony, but also faith and miracle.

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