Ruins: Smuggling Marble Memories

Few civilizations have been as universally admired as those that flourished in ancient Greece. The birthplace of democracy is also the home to some of the most exquisite artifacts in the world, making it particularly vulnerably to looters. Illegally acquired Greek artifacts have made their way to many of the world's biggest museums including the Metropolitan, and the JP Getty.

The illicit trade in antiquities is the third most profitable illegal business in the world, right behind the dealing in drugs and weapons. It is also used to fund a number of other shady activities. The black-market trade stretches from local bands of thieves to larger gangs of looters and international networks to dealers and auction houses in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia.

With the help of investigative reporter Nikolas Zyrganos we will be shedding light into how the networks operate and looking at how his research, along with that of others, and the changes in legislation and political will have led to the first repatriations of stolen antiquities to Greece.

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